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English report April 2013


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April 15, 2013

Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!  


1. On April 2nd, Mirjana received her monthly apparition in her home, with only a few visitors because of heavy rain on the village. After the apparition, she gave us the following message:

“Dear children, I am calling you to be one with my Son in spirit. I am calling you, through prayer, and the Holy Mass when my Son unites Himself with you in a special way, to try to be like Him; that, like Him, you may always be ready to carry out God’s will and not seek the fulfillment of your own. Because, my children, it is according to God’s will that you are and that you exist, and without God’s will you are nothing. As a mother, I am asking you to speak about the glory of God with your life because, in that way, you will also glorify yourself in accordance to His will. Show humility and love for your neighbor to everyone. Through such humility and love, my Son saved you and opened the way for you to the Heavenly Father. I implore you to keep opening the way to the Heavenly Father for all those who have not come to know Him and have not opened their hearts to His love. By your life, open the way to all those who still wander in search of the truth. My children, be my apostles who have not lived in vain. Do not forget that you will come before the Heavenly Father and tell Him about yourself. Be ready! Again I am warning you, pray for those whom my Son called, whose hands He blessed and whom He gave as a gift to you. Pray, pray, pray for your shepherds. Thank you.” 


2. “Without the will of God, you are nothing” ? In this message, the Blessed Mother wasn’t afraid of provoking us so much so that some people even started being astonished. All the better!  This helps us to move forward!


Jesus said to Saint Catherine of Siena “I am He who is, you are she who is not”. And yet, she was a great saint! Some might think that Jesus is being contemptuous. In fact, it is the opposite.  He is telling her, I am on the side of Being, you are on the side of the Void, we are therefore made for one another, I will give you the gift of my All, and you will give me the gift of your Nothing, and thus we will be unfailingly united! He also told her, “Make yourself a vessel and I shall make myself a torrent.” That is the key to this message!  If we humbly open our heart to God, but wide open, we enable him to become a torrent inside of us, to give himself entirely to us and pour his grace into us, which is already like being in the entranceway of heaven. If our Ego doesn’t dominate everything within us, then we leave all the room free for God and we can enjoy His bliss.


We know that true peace, Shalom in Hebrew, means to be “complete”, entirely filled with the presence of God, and with no emptiness inside of us.  Then God is “all in all”, as Scriptures says.

Blessed Maryam of Bethlehem, a great mystic from Galilee, called herself the “little nothing”, and this was her joy.


The holier a man is, the more that man is aware of his nothingness before God, but also the more comfortable he is with that nothingness.  True humility consists in being before God in all one’s truth, and this truth makes us free, happy. For God, there is no difference between people in terms of how important they are, rich or poor, VIPs or not VIPs, the winners and the losers.  We are all poor, but some may have already realized this, whereas others not yet. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” Jesus tells us. And all He wants is our happiness!


A wonderful guiding light is given to us by Saint Therese of Lisieux, ”the Little Flower”. By a stroke of genius, she tells us about the “little way”, how to walk safely with God until we reach heaven.  She knew she was poor, small, incapable of doing any good on her own. But instead of being sad about it, on the contrary she experienced great joy!  “What God likes to see in my little soul is the way I love my littleness and my poverty; it is my blind hope in His mercy, this is my only treasure….”  And then later she says, “The weaker one is, without desires or virtues, the more ready he is for the operations of this consuming and transforming love.(Letter of 17.09.1896, to Sr Marie du Sacré-Coeur.) She knew how Jesus loved children and those who resemble them, and a child is after all the one person who knows that he must receive everything from adults.


The world teaches just the opposite! In order to please people, you must be ”somebody”. What an illusion! How I thank the Mother of God for her message! Once again, she cures us from the false pictures of happiness that the world enforces on us, and she plunges us into the reality that never wanes and that will make us men and women who may stand and boast not for ourselves, but for God who lives within us! Mary makes of us Christians who are not afraid of losing the root of our joy, because this joy is placed in God and is completely secure. While the world is offering us fleeting and superficial satisfactions which eventuallyplunge us in anguish, God offers to quench our deepest thirst, and that enables us to be who we truly are, children of God who possess everything. “My child, everything that is mine is yours!” says the Lord (Luke 15).


3.  Good News From the Franciscans.  A new provincial was appointed in Mostar, Father Miljenko Steko, 44 years old. We appreciated his wonderful service as a vicar in the parish of St. James for six years. May God bless his new assignment! We remain united with him in prayer!


On April 8th, the Franciscans also welcomed the nomination of Father Jose Rodriguez Carballo, General of their Order, as the head of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life by Pope Francis.  This is the Holy Father’s first appointment. He had planned to first set aside some time for thought and prayer before choosing the new leaders of the various Roman Congregations.  Father Jose came to Medjugorje in October 2007, for a “brotherly visit”. While here he was interviewed on Radio-MIR:  “I can say that I am satisfied with the services rendered by the Brothers in this parish of Medjugorje,” he said.  Of course, he did not take an official stand on the authenticity of the apparitions, nor did he give his personal opinion, but he did add:  “In my view, the fact that so many people come to Medjugorje reveals the thirst for God that our contemporaries feel…My hope is that those who come to Medjugorje are able to truly meet God, that they may become closer to Christ, and follow him.”


Onthe Feast of theAnnunciation, April 8, the Prime Minister of Croatia, Mr. Zoran Milanovic, visited Medjugorje during his 2-day stay in Bosnia Herzegovina. Mr. Milanovic doesn’t hide that he is an atheist and acts accordingly. He actually knew about the apparitions of Medjugorje and was especially interested in the first days. He was taken to Apparition Hill by the friars and was also given a Rosary. Let us pray that the Mother of God may inspire him with the choices that will support God’s plan for his country. Heads of state bear a heavy responsibility before God; this is why we have to pray a lot for them.


Dearest Gospa, you are the perfect example of trust in God and of humility. Please grant us your most precious treasures, because, as Saint Thérèse of Lisieux said, “The treasure of the mother belongs to the child! »


Sister Emmanuel +

(Translated from French)

PS 1. The Vatican spokesman, Father Lombardi, on 12 April, denied a rumor about the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI (86 years old) being seriously ill.  “As we all know, Benedict XVI led a very engaged pontificate at his age, and therefore he is enduring the aches and pains of an elderly person who has worked very hard,” he pointed out.  “But to say that he has an illness is foolish. There is no basis for this.”


PS 2.  After a busy winter with the pilgrims, Vicka is again hospitalized in Rome for back problems.  She prays so much and offers up so much for us, let us also pray for her fervently! May this precious witness of our Heavenly Mother get well quickly!


PS 3.  From 8 to 12 July 2013, international meeting in Lourdes:Come and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Community of the Beatitudes with Mary!  Testimonies, sharing, liturgies, etc. Will participate: Cardinal Barbarin, Fr. H. Donneaud O.P. and the members of the Community, including Sr. Emmanuel who will speak on the 9th. Tel +334 92211584 lourdes.sessions@beatitudes.orghttp//

PS 4.  Once again this year, the Youth Festival will take place from 1 to 6 August. Give this as a present to a young person – you can save lives! For info, see

PS 5.  A great initiative for post-abortion.  Our friendBenedetta Foà, from Milan, is organizing the 1st inner healing seminar for women who had an abortion.  This will take place in Medjugorje from Sept. 1 to 5. Fr. Danko, a Franciscan from the parish, has blessed this initiative.

PS 6. How about writing a letter to the Blessed Mother?! Send it to “Queen of Peace”, BP 2157, F-06103 Nice cedex, France. We will entrust it to one of the visionaries. Mary always answers us in our hearts while praying.

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